CR Episode 2: Paradise Lost, Book II

24 Jun
Frontisepiece to the Second Edition of Paradise Lost

Frontisepiece to the Second Edition of Paradise Lost

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The panel discusses Book II of John Milton’s Paradise Lost, with a focus on the fallen angels as an inversion of divine imagery, the politics and plots of Pandaemonium, the natures of Sin and Death, and a possible instance of Miltonian heresy.


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2 responses to “CR Episode 2: Paradise Lost, Book II

  1. Falstaff

    25 June 2019 at 10:21

    Self-reliant, with haughty eyes, assuming to themselves all the attributes of their country, step S.P. Cooper and C.P. Collister into literature, talking like men unaware that there was ever hitherto such a production as a book, or such a being as a writer. Every move of them has the free play of the muscle of one who never knew what it was to feel that he stood in the presence of a superior (Falstaff). Every word that falls from their mouths shows silent disdain and defiance of the old theories and forms. Every phrase announces new laws; not once do their lips unclose except in conformity with them.

  2. S. P. Cooper

    25 June 2019 at 10:26

    Thanks, Falstaff! I know it took a lot out of you to write that!