John Dryden FEATURED

CR Episode 12: Astræa Redux

Having concluded Paradise Lost, the panel moves from the poetry of Milton to the opposing views of one of his contemporaries, examining John Dryden, and his panegyric Astræa Redux, written to celebrate the restoration of Charles II to the throne.
Marc Chagall, Adam and Eve Expelled from Paradise

CR Episode 10: Paradise Lost, Book X

The panel tackles the difficult problems of Adam's guilt, the nature of heavenly justice and its parallels with English Common Law, Milton's conception of the natural order, and Adam's acceptance of guilt and act of contrition for the sin of disobedience.
USS Atlantis, STS-27

CR Episode 8: Paradise Lost, Book VIII

The panel considers whether the Garden of Eden required a robust space exploration programme (yes), whether Angels are real (yes), whether human beings turn into angels when they die (no), whether Dr. Cooper is an Anglophile (no)... oh, and Milton, too!
Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

CR Episode 7: Paradise Lost, Book VII

The panel examines the moment of creation, the etymological development of atheism and chaos, divine warnings against transgressing the proper bounds of intellectual curiosity, and the potentially physical nature of Creation's hymn of praise to its Maker.
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