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Weekly Reading Responses
During the course of the semester, you will complete and submit a brief reading response form for ten of the weekly assigned essay readings. You may choose to which of the readings you respond, but you must submit ten responses in order to gain full credit. In order for your response to be accepted, you must submit your response to the reading on the day that reading is due in class.

Project 1: Summary and Response
You will begin by choosing one of the listed articles on the assignment instructions document. You will then write a short essay in which you identify the author’s central claim and respond to the argument by articulating your own opinion.

Project 2: Rhetorical Analysis
In this assignment, you will analyze an argumentative article. The essay should explain how the text makes its argument by explaining the rhetorical situation in which the text was composed and identifying the strategies used to appeal to the intended audience.

Project 3: Annotated Bibliography
For the annotated bibliography, you will develop an open-ended research question related to the topic you have written about for Projects 1 and 2. Next, you will collect four to five sources that you believe help to answer your research question and write evaluative annotations for each source.

Project 4: Argumentative Research Essay
For this project, you will write an essay that utilises at least five to six secondary sources. The essay should make an narrow, disputable claim and be supported with logical reasoning and credible evidence.

Project 5: Multimodal Argument
The final project will be a multimodal argument in which you utilise an approved multimodal form in order to re-present the argument that you made in your research essay.


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