ENG 4523
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Reading Responses
Each week, you will write a response to the assigned exemplar article for the week. While your reading response should be polished (clear and concise prose style, coherent ideas, etc.), a fully-developed argument is not expected: instead, critical engagement with the assigned texts (particularly its rhetorical form and presentation) must be demonstrated. Your response should end with three open-ended questions for class discussion about the rhetorical situation of the article: for example, you may wish to begin by thinking about things such as how the article presents its argument, what kind of support it employs, what sort of voice the author utilises, whether there are any obvious counterarguments and if they are addressed, and any obvious shortcomings or strengths.

Project 1: Research Plan
This project will outline the research project you will conduct for the remainder of the semester. You should begin by identifying a call for papers in an undergraduate research journal in you field of study. Identify at least two research topics and questions that would fit this CFP. You should also interview an expert in your field of study in order to find out how you should conduct your research. You will then write a plan indicating how you will conduct your research.

Project 2: Genre Analysis
For this project, you will analyze three articles from the journal to which you are submitting. Essentially, your analysis should focus on the conventions (stylistic, textual, etc.) of the journal as well as how the genre of the journal article functions in your discourse community.

Project 3: Literature Review
The literature review should summarize and synthesize at least five sources that answer your research question(s). That is, you should both report what the authors of the pieces argue and put the various authors in conversation with one another. The sources should come from credible, peer-reviewed journals within your academic/professional discourse community.

Project 4: Journal Article
Based on the research you have done for Project 3, you will compose a formal journal article intended for submission to an undergraduate research journal. You will incorporate your literature review into a full-length research paper appropriate for a scholarly journal.


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